Hi! I am Kat, I have three young children, love drinking coffee and I made my sanity saving hobby of making playdough into a business.

This is my first ever blog post and I want you to get to know me so lets start at the start! I am originally from the UK, relocating in 2011 to Australia. Within my first year here I had settled into a new job in Perth, WA, in the Construction Industry, and my life gave me all the warm fuzzy feels. Living the dream!

I met my partner and I eventually moved up to Paraburdoo in WA's Pilbara region. A whirlwind few years and we have 3 babies. Yes I mean only a couple of years, somehow my babies are only 14 months apart! 

Living in a tiny community in the desert, with three children and no family close by for support has its ups and downs but playdough to the rescue! We would play with playdough daily, all the kids loved it, and maybe me more so I loved it! It gave me time to do the usual mum life chores around the house or just sit and finish a hot coffee. 

For reasons totally unknown, 'Muddy Kind' was the word for playdough in our house, Boom! Thats where our brand name originates. Making playdough as a business would often pop into my thoughts, and it was March 2020 that I took the leap! Although it still took a full year filled with lots of personal changes and a relocation back to Perth before I had got everything in place to launch the website.

And here I am today, May 2021 writing a website blog for Muddy Kind. It brings me so much joy, all those warm fuzzies, to present our products to your familiy. We are natural, Australian and environmentally friendly  - everything I want from a brand. I am proud and so excited for you to join me on my journey.