Hi! I'm Kat, I have three young children and I turned my sanity saving hobby into a Muddy Kind Natural Playdough.
Although I have always been a creative person, my career background is in construction. After starting my family and finishing up work to become a full time mum, creative play set ups became a part of our daily routine. I loved watching how open ended play inspired creativity and imagination.
Our favorite play activity was playdough, and after a couple of years, I was inspired to share my playdough play kits with other families and this is how Muddy Kind started in May 2020... although it took me almost a year after this to launch my website #mumlife.


My children love playdough, and as a mum, I am so grateful for playdough! My three children are only 14 months apart so I had lots of moments where I needed to focus on one child, playdough would easily engage energetic toddlers as I required.

I never purchased store bought dough, chemical filled product packaged plastic containers surrounded by more plastic packaging never appealed to me. I tried and tweaked several recipes, experimenting with how I would colour the dough with natural ingredients safe for contact with very young children.

Australian ingredients were super important in creating the dough, food grade non-toxic. This ethos extended to the colouring, I experimented with Australian grown fruit and vegetable powders. This was difficult, each one acts differently within the dough so lots of trial and error was needed to get beautifully soft dough. Muddy Kind has a small but beautiful range of colours, and I love that we support Aussie farmers.

So dough made how to store it... in the early days I considered glass, keeps the dough well but just was not suitable for my little whirlwinds. So we use aluminum tins, they are airtight, safe for children, have twist lids for an air tight seal and improving fine motor skills with the twist action. The dough is all natural so does not last as long as dough using chemical preservatives, but stored correctly can last 6 months. Compost the old dough, and the left over tin has a new life for creative play, storage or as a gift box. 


My favorite collection in the Muddy Kind shop is the Sensory Kits. I wanted a complete package that you can give to a child which instantly sparked creativity. Sticking true to my own values, I wanted to include sustainable, environmentally friendly accessories, no plastic. 

Our kits make a beautiful gift as they come with everything you need for creative, opened play, but are priced for affordability for everyday play to direct away from purchasing small disposable plastic toys. We can not live plastic free lives but lets try where possible. 


Starting with the dough, it is all natural and non-toxic so will easily breakdown when disposed of, compost safe. The tin is reusable, its the perfect size to store so many items! Even the label is eco-friendly, using eco paper, ink and processes in production.

For our packaging we use brown uncoated boxes, any protective fill is either paper bubble wrap or shredded paper (made from my family's waste mail, magazines, craft pictures) - all paper, easy it recycle, burn or compost. If your order only requires a postage bag, we use bags made from corn that a biodegradable.