What is in our sensory dough?

Our dough is made of all edible food grade ingredients. The main ingredients being flour and salt... everything else is top secret but if you have any specific questions send us a message. With the exception of a pinch of 'cream of tartar' all our ingredients are Australian, some are also organic where possible. 

The dough contains gluten (flour) and although its prepared in a nut free environment we can not guarantee doughs are nut free.

We do not use any synthetic colours (which often contain horrible ingredients such as petroleum and are un-sustainable), our doughs are coloured au natural with premium fruit and veggie powders that are pure and Aussie grown with no preservatives or fillers.

Where are the ingredients for your dough from?

We are so proud to be 99% Australian ingredients. This offers quality, supports local communities and reduces air miles which is better for the environment. We have been unable to source 'cream of tartar' that is Australian, although it has been packaged in Australia. It is an essential ingredient in the dough, for texture but also preserving qualities, so we couldn't miss it out. Go our blog if your interested in reading more.

Are there chemicals or additives in the dough?

Absolutely not. We use 100% non-toxic food quality ingredients. 

Are the doughs Vegan?

They sure are! No dairy, eggs or honey

Do the doughs contain fragrance?

The natural powders we use to colour the dough have a natural fragrance, we do not add any essential oils to our base colours. By not adding essential oils. this means our dough is as safe as possible for lots of touching and accidental consumption. Furthermore, we believe in the power of oils for differing emotional needs, so our doughs are open for you to add your own specific oils to assist with the emotional needs of your munchkin at that moment.

However, if you prefer to have an essential oil added, we do have this option. Note all our essential oils are Australian produced like our dough ingredients :)

How long will the dough last?

With care, around 6 months maybe even longer. Our doughs do not contain preservatives, they are natural, so will not last as long as commercial doughs. We recommend you start to use your dough within the first few weeks of purchase, store in the presentation tin, in a cool dark place (fridge is where I store mine when not in use) and play with your dough often with clean hands on clean dry surfaces. 

At the end of your doughs life, or if there are any signs of mould, remember this is an all natural product so if not cared for and played with as above it can go off, it is time for your dough to be composted. 

How should I store my dough?

Store in the presentation tin and in a cool dark place - the fridge is best. If it has been in the fridge it can be quite hard so best to get it out a few hours before play, but a good knead with warm hands will make it soft again in no time. Or if you have a variety of colours, keep one out for a few days while the others take a break in the fridge, and rotate the colour play. 

My dough is a bit dry?

If your dough is a bit older, or has been left out knead well to mix in the salt crystals. It may need a few drops of water if still dry. Crumbly dough, try adding a few drops of oil and kneading in well.

What age is dough recommended?

We recommend over the age of 3, with adult supervision at all times, The playdough itself and some of the accessories are considered potential choking hazards. 

My child has eaten some dough!

Your dough will look (and smell) good enough to eat and although we use only food grade ingredients, they are not intended to be for human consumption and we recommend adult supervision.

How do I clean the wooden tools?

Try to remove dough from your tools immediately after use. Use a damp cloth, do not soak or place tools in the dishwasher. 

What type of packaging will be used when posting my purchase?

Defiantly no plastic here! Depending on what and how much you have ordered, you might have your order may be packed in a compostable mailer bag which will fully degrade over 6 months. Or your order may be in a brown uncoated cardboard box taped with recyclable tape. If any proetctive fill is required we use recyclable honeycomb paper bubble wrap and shredded paper (which is made from Muddy Kind HQ waste paper)